Kavout Joining Create33 by Madrona Venture Group

Moving day! Today the Kavout team moved into our new office in downtown Seattle. It’s an exciting day for all of us on many fronts. Being part of Create33 One floor below Madrona Venture Group, Pacific Northwest’s leading venture capital firm, Create33 was designed to...

A Year-end Reflection and Looking Ahead at 2019

As the year 2018 coming to an end, it is time to reflect on our journey and the changes we’ve seen in both our organization and the industry. Since 2016, Kavout has been leading the frontier of technology innovation in the application of artificial intelligence (AI)...


Kavout features a world-class team of engineers, finance and data science experts, with decades of collective experience at high tech and finance companies like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, Thompson Reuters and other Wall Street companies.

Nvidia Inception 2017

Nvidia Inception 2017

Best Early Stage AI Startup Top 5

Benzinga 2017

Benzinga 2017

Best Finding Alpha Finalist



Fintech Startup Competition Winner

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