Kavout Releases K Score for United Kingdom and Germany Stock Markets

Apr 22, 2019 | Company News

The AI-driven stock rating solution has already found success with investors focused on the United States and China markets

Seattle, WA (April 17, 2019) – Kavout announced today the launch of K Score for the United Kingdom and Germany stock markets. Used by buyside firms, K Score is a Quantamental stock rating score of 1 to 9 that generates predictive analytics using AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. K Score serve as buy/sell signals, or as an effective input to investment firms’ privately developed models.

K Score are now available for publicly traded companies included on UK’s FTSE 350 and FTSE 100, and Germany’s HDAX and MCSI small-cap ETF. This is an expansion on the K Score current availability for stocks traded on the US exchanges, and A-share stocks on the China market.

“K Score has been well received by forward-looking quantitative and fundamental investors,” said Kavout’s Chief Commercial Officer, Isabell Sheang. “Our mission is to enable more investors globally to take advantage of AI solutions, and to find an edge. The decision to make K Score available for the UK and European markets aligns well with our expansion roadmap.”

K Score are ratings built by the Kavout Intelligence (KAI) engine. By taking in fundamental data, pricing signals, technical indicators, and alternative data, our machine learning models and algorithms rate and rank stocks between 1 to 9. A higher K Score assigned to a stock indicates a higher probability of outperformance over the next 1-3 months, whereas a lower K Score indicates a lower probability of outperformance.

Those interested in finding out more about K Score for markets in US, China, Germany and United Kingdom, please contact marketing@kavout.co.



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