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Kavout Wins Top 5 Best Early Stage AI Startup at Nvidia GTC China 2017

10/09/2017 | Kavout

Kavout, an innovator in Artificial Intelligence announced today that Kavout was awarded Top 5 Best Early Stage AI Startup at Nvidia Inception 2017.


Kavout, a leading innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Investing and quantamental analytics is proud to announce that its demonstration and vision for AI Investing Solutions was awarded Top 5 Early Stage AI Startup honors at this week's Nvidia GTC China 2017 conference in Beijing out of over 160 companies.

The Top 5 Early Stage AI Startup Award, presented by Nvidia, recognizes companies as one of China's most promising AI startups which have most effectively leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning in their efforts to deliver AI-powered solutions to assist trained professionals in solving the top challenges in the industry.

Kavout showcased its AI Investment platform for three top challenges in investment: Asset Selection, Market Timing and Allocation Optimization. Kavout's algorithm could scale hundreds of attributes and millions of data points changing dynamically to identify patterns at a speed and frequency faster than humans. The platform can enhance money managers’ capability to find alpha, optimize portfolios, and manage risk.

"Using advanced technology combined with our unmatched expertise in machine learning and investment, we have enabled our clients and partners to identify meaningful and actionable opportunities to generate stable returns in the market." said Alex Lu, the CEO of Kavout, "The top 5 Best Early Stage AI Startup at GTC China 2017 reinforces Kavout's pioneering capabilities and will continue to drive innovation in financial services with AI technologies."

For more information on Kavout's AI Investment Solutions, please visit www.kavout.com.

About Kavout Kavout is a leading innovator in Artificial Intelligence that focuses on building the next generation investment solutions for the financial services. The proprietary cutting-edge technology provides advanced investment solutions through predictive analytics, identification of actionable opportunities and portfolio optimization.

For more information on Kavout, please visit www.kavout.com.