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Are you a data vendor? Quant fund? Or financial institution?

Data Marketplaces and Vendors

Kavout partners with data marketplaces, vendors, and databases to provide our state-of-the-art Kai Score indicator.

Kai is Kavout’s artificial intelligence and machine learning model which provides predictions on stock performance for a period of up to six months.  Kavout’s proprietary Kai Score, calculated by Kai, analyzes over 200 indicators and features to look for correlations that are important for predicting performance. It also analyzes each stock in terms of its quality, valuation, growth and momentum.

At Kavout, we believe that data is the key to finding an edge in the market. We aim to provide the most predictive, scalable, and cutting edge data. With Kai, you can cut through financial noise more efficiently than ever.

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Quantitative Funds

Kavout partners with quant funds to offer data and machine learning infrastructure as a service.

With a state-of-the-art machine learning and AI team, Kavout offers expertly tailored solutions for hedge funds that want to build a quant strategy leveraging our machine learning infrastructure. Our managed service provides an end-to-end model creation, implementation, testing, and monitoring. Once we understand your trading strategy and goals, we can create your model using our existing infrastructure, eliminating the time, capital, and investment needed to build, scale, and maintain machine learning infrastructure.

Our Kai Score data is a “hedge fund in a box,” giving investor access to our powerful Kai model.

  • Kai takes mere seconds to comprehensively analyze millions of data points to give you a clear and immediate picture of stocks that have potential.
  • Kai examines equity data, stock quotes, trading volume, SEC filings, and structured financial data.
  • Interprets news, blogs and social media to give you a sentiment analysis of key stocks and value, growth and momentum scores.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring a new team, we aim to empower your organization to uncover investment opportunities with our comprehensive, robust, and customized solutions.

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Institutional Partnerships

Kavout partners with financial institutions to consult and build innovative solutions. We help institutions evolve with this industry, whether it is building a new infrastructure or enhancing and improving your existing framework. We are open to sharing our technology and working together with the best partners to move the investment landscape forward.

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