Analysts’ Views on China’s EV Market and Stocks Amidst Monthly Deliveries Increase for NIO and XPEV

Mar 30, 2024 | Investment Ideas

The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) sector is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, with companies like NIO Inc. (NIO) and XPeng Inc. (XPEV) at the forefront. Despite the recent strong downtrend in China’s EV firms, there are indications of resilience and potential growth in the industry. This report delves into the current state of China’s EV market, focusing on the performance of NIO and XPEV, and offers an analysis based on the latest data and analysts’ perspectives.

    Overview of China’s EV Market

    China’s EV market has been facing a strong downtrend, as reported by Clark Schultz, which raises concerns about the overall health of the sector. However, the market is not without its bright spots. NIO’s sales, for instance, fell nearly 15% in March compared to the previous month, but it’s important to note that this decline was against the backdrop of a significant sales volume in February. This suggests that while there may be fluctuations, the demand for EVs remains strong.

    NIO’s Performance and Forecast

    NIO has recently cut its first-quarter deliveries forecast to around 30,000 vehicles, down from its earlier forecast of 31,000 to 33,000. Despite this adjustment, the company’s ambitious sales forecast for 2024 is over 230,000 vehicles. This projection, given to supply chain partners, indicates that NIO is optimistic about its future growth and market position. Additionally, the upcoming Alps model based on the NT 3.0 platform is expected to be a cash cow for the company, suggesting a positive outlook on profitability and market competitiveness.

    XPeng’s Strategy and Analysts’ Rating

    XPeng, on the other hand, has disclosed plans to launch a cheaper mass-market brand to address intensified competition in China’s EV market. According to 11 analysts, the average rating for XPEV stock is “Buy,” with a 12-month stock price forecast that suggests an increase of 106.05% from the latest price. This indicates a strong vote of confidence from the analyst community in XPeng’s strategy and future performance. The company’s sales forecast for 2024 stands at 280,000 vehicles, further demonstrating a positive outlook.

    Industry Comparisons and the Role of BYD

    It’s important to contrast the performance of these companies with their competitors. For instance, BYD has continued to turn a profit even after China abolished purchase subsidies, with a reported net income of 30.04 billion yuan. This success story provides a benchmark for NIO and XPeng and may serve as a catalyst for investor confidence in the Chinese EV market as a whole.

    Market Trends and Future Outlook

    The future of China’s EV market appears to be promising, with Li Auto planning to launch several new models, including both extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) and battery-electric vehicle (BEV) models. This expansion of product offerings from major players in the market is a strong indicator of the industry’s growth potential.

    Furthermore, the overall growth in January 2024 deliveries for China-based EV players, including NIO, XPeng, and LI Auto, with LI holding the top spot, suggests that the market is still on an upward trajectory.


    In conclusion, while the Chinese EV market is experiencing a strong downtrend, the increase in monthly deliveries for companies like NIO and XPeng, coupled with optimistic sales forecasts and analysts’ ratings, paint a more nuanced picture. The strategic moves by these companies, such as XPeng’s introduction of a mass-market brand and NIO’s forthcoming Alps model, indicate that there is still significant potential for growth in the sector.

    Analysts’ views on China’s EV market and these stocks are generally positive, with a belief in the long-term viability and profitability of the industry. As China’s EV market continues to mature, it is expected that companies like NIO and XPeng will adapt and innovate to maintain their competitive edge and capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicles.

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