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Invest with intelligence and ease

The investment landscape is evolving — don’t be left behind.

Institutions on Wall Street are building artificial intelligence tools to outperform the market.

You now have access to the same technologies used by the pros to find investment opportunities.

Kai levels the playing field

Kai is the core artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning system that powers our platform.

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No strings attached. Get access to the most advanced financial analytics at no cost.

Powerful AI

Extract valuable information from noisy data and interpret massive amounts of data easily and quickly.


Make predictions through our chart pattern recognition and sentiment analysis tool.


Minimize human error and bias and find correlations beyond any human capabilities.

Robust and Comprehensive Platform

Kavout applies big data technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning to stock analysis to make finding, screening and analyzing investment opportunities efficient and intelligent.

Kai Score

Look at every stock through an objective lens with Kai Score. Using predictive analytics, Kai analyzes over 7600 stocks to help you uncover the best investment opportunities to increase your probability of outperforming the market.
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Powerful Screener

Our detailed screener has the most breadth, with over 130 fundamental and technical criteria as well as our proprietary Kai Score data, earnings data, and insider/guru sentiment, that can be used to filter more than 7,600 US stocks.
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Customizable Portfolio

Build and track multiple portfolios without spending a dime. Gain confidence in your investing strategies, discover your next investment opportunities and implement your most complex strategies through our robust platform.


Keep track of all of your favorite companies and add/remove stocks seamlessly. Compare and analyze stocks to become an expert.


Test the historical performance of any screening strategy against a benchmark of your choice. Never enter a strategy blind again.

Advanced Charting

We have integrated the most advanced and professional-grade HTML5 charting technology for a seamless technical analysis experience.

Guru Screen

Gain access to over 38 of the world’s greatest guru investors’ strategies and philosophies. Trade like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and many others.

Intelligent Technology Built by a World-Class Team

Our team is made up of t​he best minds of Silicon Valley and Wall Street

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I​nvest With Intelligence and Ease

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