Finding Alpha in Factors, Anomalies, and Signals

Enhanced with AI and Machine Learning Models

Three Ways to Increase Your Alpha

Kavout’s AI

Uncover insights and useful signals with big data and machine learning, whether you are data owners, data buyers, or investment managers.

investment opportunities with big data

Find and explore data, ideas and methodologies that are pre-validated by Kavout whether you are a quant or a discretionary manager.

Kavout’s award-winning

Combine factor investing with quantitative approach to generate predictive analytics by mining nonlinear relationships as data grows from N to N².

Our Offerings

Kavout gives you global exposure by processing millions of diverse data points daily, across all major equity capital markets at scale so you don’t have to.

Analytics and Products

New Factors, Better Models

Turn data into actionable insights

Kavout’s data products span single, composite and ensembled factors, anomalies, and signals for equity buyside firms.

From our state-of-the-art machine learning generated stock rating K Score, to factor alpha signals, we seek to maximize the upside while mitigating risk by using proven and new financial engineering models.

Analytics and Products

K Score, a Predictive Equity Rating

Make buy/sell decision with confidence

Quantitative users incorporate K Score into investment models as unique signals to boost Sharpe ratio and reduce beta.

Fundamental investors lean on K Score to validate research and uncover new ideas that weren’t on their radar before.

Create risk-adjusted portfolios by avoiding stocks with low K Scores.

Kai as a Service

Passive Plus Active is the New Edge

Combine ETF with direct indexing

ETF is great, so is more control. What if you can do both. Partner with Kavout to design index enhancing products and portfolios for sector or across-sector ETFs.

Your fund management experience combined with our expertise in research and development of new factors and models means new market and opportunities.

Customers and Partners

‘Kavout has a proven system for generating alpha and coverage of a wide base of listed equities that makes them a market leader in providing the latest AI driven tools for the Investment Management industry.’

Service Firms with AUM of $100M to $5B.
Deliver Solutions to Firms in Market Cap of $1B and Revenue >$200M.

Quantamental Investing with Decades of Marching Learning Expertise.

Kavout features a world-class team of finance and data science experts and engineers, with collective experience at high tech and finance companies like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, Thompson Reuters and other Wall Street companies.

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