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Next Generation Investing with AI and Deep Learning

Three Challenges for All Investors

What to Invest

There are 5,000+ equities to pick from listed on NYSE, Nasdaq, and 40,000+ public stocks worldwide. With more than 10,000 funds are fishing in the same pound, finding the right investment with a unique edge is critical for consistent outperformance in the market.

When to Invest

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get." As long as the price is right, an investment could always be turned into profits. Having a system which can identify trading opportunities and market timing is essential in staying ahead of other investors.

How Much to Invest

Modern Portfolio Theory gives guidance for portfolio optimization but is too rigid to deal with irregular market changes. Constructing a portfolio with appropriate diversification and risk control plays a key role in long-term return and survival in the investing arena.

AI - Powered Solutions

For Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Financial Advisors, Buy-Side Traders
Kai Score
Predictive stock ranking data powered by deep learning 
Maximize return
Find stock winners and avoid losers
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Smart Advisor
Specialized strategies for asset allocation and risk management with the power of machine learning
Gain stable long-term return with diversified alpha
Avoid unexpected downturn
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AI-powered chartist that identifies and analyzes price patterns
Discover tradable opportunities in the market
Make informed decisions with thorough analysis
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Kai Score

Identify Stock Market Winners
Leveraging deep learning and quantitative analysis, Kavout's artificial intelligence (AI) model Kai aims to provide solution for one of the world's most formidable challenges: stock ranking. Kai analyzes massive amount of data, including SEC filings, technical indicators, price patterns, and sentiment analysis based on news, blogs, analyst reports and social media feeds. Kai interprets complex correlations between stocks’ hundreds of attributes and their future performance and identify meaningful patterns at a speed and frequency higher than any human investors. Kai condenses this sophisticated analysis to a predictive and actionable numerical rank, Kai Score. A higher Kai Score assigned to a stock indicates a higher probability of outperformance over the next 1-3 months.
With Kai Score, you could cut through financial noise more efficiently and gain a clear and immediate picture of over 7000 stocks in US stock market easier than ever. Every step of your investment will get smarter and more confident.
*Based on monthly rebalanced portfolios of stocks of S&P500. Transaction costs not included. Stocks are equally weighted. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Alpha Signal

You could use Kai Score as an alpha signal by adding Kai Score to your own quantitative model to increase stable excessive return and reduce risks.

Stock Selection

Kai Score has been proven to be an effective approach to AI-powered investment research. You could discover stock winners and avoid stock losers with Kai Score.

Kai Portfolio

You could build portfolio with Kai Score or use intelligent strategies built by Kavout directly. With market timing and risk control, portfolios built on Kai Score could generate consistent excessive return.

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Smart Advisor

Optimize Asset Allocation
Over the short time horizons, asset prices fluctuations are driven by a confluence of various short-, intermediate and long-term factors. Kavout's Smart Advisor analyzes underlying factors and trends to offer tactical asset allocation strategies that help you boost return and protect your assets from downturn risks.

Diversified Investment Targets

Smart Advisor could engineer the risk and return in a portfolio to fit your unique investment preference and meet your expectation.

Boost Return and Avoid Downturn

Smart Advisor utilizes an intelligent and quantitative focus on asset selection and risk control to enhance both consistent excessive return and comprehensive protection from downside risks.

Predictive Sector Rotation Analytics

With quantitative analytics and machine learning technology, Smart Advisor tracks a number of underlying factors to discover outperforming asset classes in the market.

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Discover Tradable Opportunities with Ease
It is time-consuming to look for patterns emerged in the market and it takes years to learn reading price patterns to be a technical chartist. Now RoboChartist could do it for you. RoboChartist is a visualized solution for chart identification and analysis that enables chartists and investors to discover and utilize tradable opportunities easier and easier and earlier than ever.

Discover tradable opportunities

RoboChartist watch the market 24-7 for you, so you could get a complete picture of the market and discover valuable trading opportunities. Now, you can shift from following the market and analyzing data to making smarter and faster trading decision with confidence and ease.

Make Informed Decisions

RoboChartist measures the quality of each pattern and make prediction based on its learning experience of massive amount of data and multi-dimensional technical analysis. You could use its ranking as reference to make informed decisions.

Boost Return with Predictive Ranking

Our AI-powered analysis model provides both statistics of historical performance and predictive ranking of each price pattern. You can review up to 5 years of analysis of frequency and winning ratio based on Bayesian Network to understand each pattern more thoroughly.

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Why Kavout

Asset Management with an AI Co-Pilot

We believe that the best way to analyze a complex system is to integrate machine learning and human expertise. An AI co-pilot could provide data-driven, objective and constant insights, while experienced analysts are better at providing granular insights. The human-machine collaboration could maximize efficiency and bring stunning performance.

Algorithms that Continuously Improve

Inspired by the brain's ability to learn, deep learning models have performed unparalleled results in a number of applications. As we expose the algorithms to more data, they learn from their successes and failures to evolve, adapt and provide solutions for some of the most formidable challenges.

Deep Learning from Alternative and Big Data

We develop and scale advanced neural network technologies that could intelligently interpret massive amount of data sets at a unprecedented scale. As we direct the power of deep learning to investment management, every step of your investment will get smarter and more effective.

Predictive Analytics to Beat the Market

We combine advanced machine learning techniques with financial expertise to create investment strategies with consistent excessive return. The predictive models aggregate unstructured data sets and peel back the layers of extraneous information to make fast and accurate prediction.

Award-Winning Technologies

Kavout brings together best science-minded financial experts and game-changing technology to generate investment services of next generation. Our products and services are powered by advanced machine learning technology and quantitative analysis. Backed by the use of GPU cycles that make up our proprietary and massively distributed compute resource, our representation-learning engine processes massive amount of unstructured data real-time and identifies valuable and sophiscated patterns forming in the financial markets, making it ideal for dataset analytics and investment management.

Our Team

We’ve assembled a world-class engineering team to research and build our platform. Our engineers come from backgrounds of AI, machine learning, data mining, quantitative financial analysis, with decades of professional working experience.

Alex Lu

Founder & CEO

Alex Lu has over 17 years of experience in deep learning, artificial intelligence, and big data technology. Before launching Kavout, Alex served as the CTO at one of China’s largest financial information provider, was an Engineering Director at Baidu, a VP of Search Technology at SNDA, a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, and a senior engineer at Google. He graduated from Tsinghua University, has a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Maryland, and a MBA from Columbia Business School.

Barry Bernstein

Chief Compliance Officer / COO

Barry Bernstein has over 15 years of international financial services experience. Barry was previously Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of AlgoPartners. Prior to this, Barry was at Neonet, a financial services and technology firm that was recently purchased by Knight Capital Group. His positions over the years included President, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Technology. During his career, Barry earned the "Top Fifty Growth Company" award and rang the Nasdaq Stock Market opening bell.

Isabell Sheang

Chief Commercial Officer

Isabell has 16+ years of cross-functional experience in marketing, channel/partner ecosystem development, and product management of B2B and B2C technologies. Prior to joining Kavout, Isabell served as director, VP and senior manager roles at Fortune 100 companies and startups such as Microsoft and Providence Ventures. Most recently, Isabell held leadership position at marketing agencies Allytics and Satori Digital helping clients develop go-to-market strategies. Isabell obtained her MBA from University of Oxford in England, and BA from Northeastern University.

Jalen He

Chief Architect

Jalen He has over 20 years of experience in research, development, cloud technology and solutions for various businesses and industries. Prior to Kavout, Jalen served as the CTO at SB Cloud, a joint venture of Alibaba and SoftBank in Tokyo, Japan. Jalen was also one of the founding team members of Alibaba Cloud US Team, and served on technical leadership roles at Microsoft, Alibaba, Expedia, Redfin and Myspace in both US and China.

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