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Kavout’s AI

Don’t have an in-house machine learning (ML) team? Or don’t know where to start? Why build it yourself when you can leverage Kavout’s AI as a service?

investment opportunities with big data

Uncover data insights and new investment opportunities with big data, ML and deep learning, whether you are data owners, data providers, or asset managers.

Kavout’s award-winning

Kavout’s award-winning solutions are designed for fundamental and quantitative investors, utilized by top investment firms and by millions of users globally.

Customers and Partners

Service Firms with AUM of $100M to $5B.
Reach Monthly Active Users of > 22M.
Deliver Solutions to Firms in Market Cap of $1B and Revenue >$200M.


‘Kavout has a proven system for generating alpha and coverage of a wide base of listed equities that makes them a market leader in providing the latest AI driven tools for the Investment Management industry.’

Our Offerings

Kavout processes vast amounts of diverse data at an unprecedented scale and speed, coupled with finance and machine learning models to deliver meaningful insights that you can take actions on.

Analytics and Products

New Factors, Better Models

Turning data into actionable insights.

Asset managers, hedge funds, financial advisors, and buy-side traders have replied on Kavout’s alpha generating signals and products to deliver value to their clients. From our state-of-the-art stock rating K Score, to AI Stock Pick, to model portfolios, we seek to maximize return while mitigating risk by analyzing an ensemble of fundamental, technical, and alternative datasets.

Kai as a Service

Kai as a Service

Making AI work for you.

Kavout makes cutting-edge technologies accessible for institutions and investors. Our Kai as a Service platform is uniquely designed to meet a variety of clients’ requirements, from customized ranking and scoring, to trading signal forecast, to portfolio construction and optimization. We do the research, train the models and tune algorithms so you don’t have to.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Machine learning one call away.

Many customers have proprietary datasets, strategies developed in-house, and other unique needs. Kavout works with you as a trusted-advisor, problem-solver, and your extended data and technology team, to develop custom solutions. Our engagement can be project based or providing ongoing management to ensure long-term success.

Over Two Decades of Big Data and Machine Learning Expertise.

Kavout features a world-class team of engineers, finance and data science experts, with decades of collective experience at high tech and finance companies like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, Thompson Reuters and other Wall Street companies.

Nvidia Inception 2017

Best Early Stage AI Startup Top 5

Benzinga 2017

Best Finding Alpha Finalist


Fintech Startup Competition Winner


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