Factor-based portfolio evaluation and construction tool suite

Portfolio Builder

Construct customized factor tilting portfolio within selected universe or sector under popular weighting schemes.

Portfolio Diagnosis

Provide major factor category scores and individual factor level scores in selected stock universe for user portfolio.

Multi-factor Screener

Stock screening based on composite rank with custom weight or layered sorting from multiple factors within selected universe or sector.

*US stock market data only

$7 first month

$49 billed monthly

Portfolio Builder

Construction from scratch

Build and analyze your customizable factor tilting portfolio from multiple stock universes and sectors.

Provide insights on factor loading of Quality, Value, Momentum, Growth & Low Volatility, sector exposure and portfolio return/risk statistics.

Portfolio Diagnosis

Existing portfolio analysis

Upload holdings or manually input stock list with choices of popular weighting scheme.

Insights on factor loading analysis, sector exposure, and detailed sub-factor level statistics.

Multi-factor Screener

Idea exploration

Stock pool selection based on 5 major factors, 60+ sub factors or a combination.

Stock ranking by factor scores, monthly return, annual volatility, market cap, sector and price.

Individual stock factor loading and interactive historical return chart.