ETFs with Upside Potential: FFLS and CBLS

Feb 2, 2024 | Investment Ideas

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) continue to be a popular investment choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to a variety of market sectors. As we look towards the future of investing in 2024, two ETFs that have garnered attention for their potential upside are the Future Fund Long/Short ETF (FFLS) and the Changebridge Capital Long/Short Equity ETF (CBLS). This report will delve into each fund’s strategy, performance, and why they may be poised for growth in the coming year.

Future Fund Long/Short ETF (FFLS)

The Future Fund Long/Short ETF (FFLS) operates on a strategy that involves taking long positions in stocks that are expected to increase in value, while simultaneously taking short positions in stocks that are anticipated to decline. This dual approach aims to capitalize on growth opportunities while mitigating risk associated with market downturns.

Investment Strategy and Performance

FFLS’s investment strategy is grounded in a meticulous analysis of market trends and individual stock performance. By employing a long/short strategy, FFLS can potentially benefit from both upward and downward market movements, providing a level of protection against volatility. This approach is particularly relevant in an investment climate where market conditions can rapidly change due to economic, political, or global health events.

Given the ETF’s recent inception, concrete performance data may be limited. However, the fund’s management team’s expertise and the strategic allocation of assets will be critical factors in its success. Investors should consider the track record of the management team and how effectively they have executed similar strategies in the past.

Market Outlook and Potential

The market outlook for 2024 suggests a cautious optimism, with potential for both growth and volatility. In such an environment, a long/short ETF like FFLS could offer a balanced investment opportunity. If the fund’s managers can successfully identify the right stocks to long and short, FFLS could see significant upside potential.

Changebridge Capital Long/Short Equity ETF (CBLS)

The Changebridge Capital Long/Short Equity ETF (CBLS) is another fund that employs a long/short equity strategy. This ETF is designed to provide investors with the potential for capital appreciation while also seeking to reduce risk.

Investment Strategy and Performance

CBLS’s strategy involves conducting fundamental analysis to uncover undervalued securities for its long positions and overvalued securities for its short positions. The fund’s focus on fundamental analysis suggests a commitment to understanding the intrinsic value of the companies it invests in, which can be a strong indicator of potential success.

As with FFLS, performance data for CBLS may be limited if it is a relatively new fund. However, the fund’s ability to navigate the complexities of long/short investing will be a crucial component of its performance. Investors should review the fund’s historical performance, if available, and the experience of its management team when considering an investment.

Market Outlook and Potential

The market outlook for long/short equity strategies in 2024 is cautiously positive. With markets expected to experience continued uncertainty, the ability to hedge against downturns while still participating in upward trends could be advantageous. CBLS’s focus on fundamental analysis could position it well to identify securities that will outperform the market, offering potential upside to investors.


Both the Future Fund Long/Short ETF (FFLS) and the Changebridge Capital Long/Short Equity ETF (CBLS) present intriguing options for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with funds that have the potential for upside in a fluctuating market environment. Their long/short strategies offer a way to potentially profit from both positive and negative market movements, which could be particularly valuable in the unpredictable economic landscape of 2024.

Investors considering these ETFs should conduct thorough due diligence, examining the funds’ investment strategies, the experience of their management teams, and any available performance data. As with any investment, there are risks involved, and the unique strategies employed by FFLS and CBLS may not be suitable for all investors. However, for those looking for innovative ways to navigate the markets, these ETFs could represent a compelling opportunity.

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