Huge Surge for Cannabis Sector: CGC, SNDL, ACB, and TLRY Witness Significant Gains

Mar 22, 2024 | Investment Ideas

The cannabis sector has recently seen a considerable upswing, with stocks like Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC), SNDL Inc. (SNDL), Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB), and Tilray Inc. (TLRY) experiencing notable jumps in their market valuations. This report delves into the factors contributing to this surge and the perspectives of analysts on the sector’s current and future prospects.

    Factors Contributing to the Surge in Cannabis Stocks

    Political Developments

    A critical driver for the recent spike in cannabis stocks is the political call for the rescheduling of marijuana. Vice President Kamala Harris has urged the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to expedite the process of rescheduling marijuana, which is currently classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic, alongside drugs like heroin. This classification has been deemed “absurd” by Harris, and her stance has injected optimism into the market, as investors anticipate a more favorable regulatory environment.

    Market Sentiment

    The news from the political sphere has had a profound effect on market sentiment. The potential for federal reform in the cannabis sector has led to a bullish outlook among investors. This sentiment is reflected in the substantial gains experienced by cannabis stocks, with Cronos Group (CRON) witnessing a 5% increase, and Tilray (TLRY) closing up by 7% on a particular trading day.

    Performance of Individual Companies

    Specific corporate developments have also played a role in the uptrend. Sundial Growers, for instance, saw its stock rise by 15.6% on a Wednesday afternoon and has seen an increase of 50.8% since the start of the year. These gains are attributed not only to the broader industry tailwinds but also to company-specific news that has been favorably received by the market.

    Industry Trends

    The cannabis industry is maturing, and as it does, companies are beginning to report improved financials and operational efficiencies. This evolution has led to increased confidence among investors who may have been previously hesitant due to the industry’s volatile nature. The improved financial health of these companies is a testament to the industry’s potential for sustained growth.

    Implications for Investors and the Industry

    Regulatory Outlook

    The call for rescheduling marijuana could herald a new era for the cannabis industry. A change in classification would likely lead to eased restrictions and could open the door for increased research, medical use, and potentially, full legalization. For investors, this represents a significant opportunity for growth, as the industry could expand into new markets and product lines.

    Market Volatility

    While the current trend is positive, investors should remain cognizant of the industry’s history of volatility. Political developments can be unpredictable, and setbacks in the regulatory landscape could lead to sharp corrections in stock prices. Investors must, therefore, stay informed and be prepared for market fluctuations.

    Long-Term Prospects

    The long-term prospects for the cannabis industry appear promising, especially if federal reforms are enacted. Companies that are well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and that have robust business models are likely to benefit the most from potential changes in legislation.

    Analysts’ Views on the Cannabis Sector

    Analysts are optimistic about the future of the cannabis industry. The sector is attracting strong buy ratings from both Quant analysts and TipRanks analysts, with a promising 16.15% upside potential being underscored for certain companies. The positive sentiment is largely due to the expected increase in consumer demand, the potential for new markets opening up due to legislative changes, and the strategic positioning of top cannabis companies.

    Cannabis companies are also focusing on creating brands and products that resonate with consumers while remaining disciplined in capital allocation and driving growth that generates cash flow. This strategic approach is positioning these companies to continue investing in their businesses in 2024.

    Reasons Behind the Gains in CGC, ACB, and TLRY Stocks

    The significant jumps in stocks like CGC, SNDL, ACB, and TLRY can be attributed to the aforementioned factors, as well as specific developments within these companies. Canopy Growth Corporation, Aurora Cannabis Inc., and Tilray Inc. have been solidifying their financial standings and expanding into new markets, which signals robust growth prospects for these entities. The prospect of adult use in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida is also expected to contribute to significant deleveraging by 2025, offering a brighter financial outlook for these companies.


    The surge in cannabis stocks TLRY, ACB, CGC, and SNDL can be attributed to a combination of political advocacy for regulatory reform and positive market sentiment. The call by Vice President Kamala Harris to reschedule marijuana has been a significant catalyst, sparking investor optimism and driving stock prices upwards. While the future looks bright for the cannabis industry, investors should remain vigilant of the inherent risks and maintain a strategic approach to their investments. The current momentum could mark the beginning of a transformative period for the cannabis sector, with substantial opportunities for growth and innovation.

    In conclusion, the surge in the cannabis sector is grounded in a combination of evolving legal frameworks, diversification of product offerings, consumer trends, and strategic company initiatives. Analysts are bullish on the sector’s prospects, citing strong buy recommendations and potential for significant upside. As the industry continues to navigate through a transforming regulatory landscape, these companies are well-positioned to harvest gains and offer investors lucrative opportunities.

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