Is Airbnb (ABNB) a Buy?

May 1, 2024 | Stock Analysis

Airbnb, Inc. is a leading online marketplace that connects hosts and guests worldwide, enabling them to book unique spaces and experiences. With a strong brand reputation and a growing user base, Airbnb has established itself as a dominant player in the travel services industry. In this report, we will delve into Airbnb’s financial performance, growth prospects, and recent news and updates to provide a comprehensive investment recommendation.

    Core Metrics

    • Current price: 158.57 USD
    • 52-week high: 170.1
    • 52-week low: 103.55
    • Market Cap: 100744593408 in billions
    • P/E Ratio: 21.901936
    • Earnings per Share: 7.24
    • 50-day average: 160.5056
    • 200-day average: 141.84885
    • Analyst Recommendations: Hold (31 analysts)

    Financial Performance

    Airbnb’s financial performance has been impressive, with revenue growth of 16.6% in the latest quarter. The company’s gross margin stands at 82.827%, and EBITDA margin is 15.62%. Airbnb has a strong cash position, with a total cash balance of 10.07 billion USD and an operating cash flow of 3.884 billion USD. The company’s free cash flow is 2.8319 billion USD, indicating a healthy financial profile.

    Growth Prospects

    Airbnb’s growth prospects look promising, driven by the increasing demand for online travel services and its expanding presence in new markets. The company’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices is likely to attract environmentally conscious travelers, further boosting its growth. Additionally, Airbnb’s foray into new experiences, such as sponsored listings, could generate double-digit EBITDA growth.

    News and Updates

    Recent news has been positive for Airbnb. Mizuho upgraded their outlook for Airbnb from Neutral to Buy, citing the potential for sponsored listings to drive EBITDA growth. Furthermore, Sam Altman, a renowned AI visionary, has invested in Airbnb, highlighting the company’s growth potential.

    Upgrades and Downgrades

    Mizuho upgraded Airbnb from Neutral to Buy on April 24, 2024, citing the potential for sponsored listings to drive EBITDA growth. Conversely, Needham downgraded Airbnb from Buy to Hold on April 11, 2024.


    Airbnb’s strong brand reputation, growing user base, and expanding presence in new markets position the company for continued growth. With a healthy financial profile and promising growth prospects, Airbnb is an attractive investment opportunity.


    We recommend a Buy rating for Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB). The company’s strong financial performance, growth prospects, and recent positive news and upgrades support our recommendation. We believe Airbnb is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory, making it an attractive investment opportunity for investors.

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