Kavout has teamed up with IEX Cloud to Make it Easy to Access K Score for Developers

Apr 22, 2020 | Company News

Developers and financial engineers want more control and flexibility to access fundamental and premium financial data paid by consumption. Kavout has teamed with IEX Cloud to deliver K Score, a machine learning driven premium stock rating, using high performance API.

K Score is a stock rating generated by applying machine learning to fundamental, price, volume, and alternative data. The score indicates the probability of stock outperforming the market in the next month.

With over 3,000 US tickers and 800 China A-share symbols in K Score coverage updated daily, with historical data going back to January 2012, developers can access a single ticker for any trading day and only pay for what you access.

Head on over to premium dataset to learn more, CREATE a sandbox, or OPEN an account on IEX Cloud today and start experimenting.

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