Webinar – Generating Alpha Using AI for Buyside Firms

Apr 23, 2019 | Company News

Staying ahead of the curve becomes increasingly challenging in today’s capital market.

In this webinar, Alex Lu, CEO and Founder of Kavout, discusses the trends that we have seen in the investment industry, and how advanced technologies will play an important role in this sector. As data only continues to increase and our ability to manage it for investment purposes remains limited, Lu states that today the stars are perfectly aligned to see the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for investment purposes increase. Elements such as big data, cloud computing, and machine learning (ML) are entering this sphere and disrupting the space, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the financial market.

Lu moves through the presentation discussion by discussing the difference between cognitive and decision AI, how data has evolved over time, the formation of neural networks, and a comparison between supervised and unsupervised learning – the presentation covers a broad set of topics relevant to viewer at any level of understanding of artificial intelligence.

The learning topics and objectives include but are not limited to:

  • How machine learning fundamentally changes financial analytics and why it is a must-have for investment professionals.
  • How big data such as fundamental, pricing, technical and alternative information is processed using machine learning to derive actionable insights.
  • What are the use cases for machine learning in equity investing such as stock ranking scores, alpha generation, price prediction and automated charting.

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