Data and Analytics Services

The art and science of delivering insights and edge.

Kavout helps data seekers, data owners and providers get the most value out of data assets. Our services fall in four general areas.

Information Extraction

Data Processing

We help customers mine actionable insights from a large volume and a variety of unstructured data. Your datasets go through an ingestion process that includes cleansing, tagging and labeling, clustering and classification, relationship linking and so on.

We create technology solutions with machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), named entity recognition (NER), sentiment and semantic analysis that could extract structural information from alternative data sources including but not limited to blogs, social media, online transactions, social-economic, and real estate information.

Value-add Analytics

Value-add Analytics

Our value-add analytics is designed to help analysts, investment managers, and business decision makers uncover valuable information and intrinsic relationships from diverse datasets.

From there, you can take actions and make informed decisions armed with historical data and predictive analytics.

We continually develop and evolve our machine learning models and algorithms to enhance the quality and speed of the discovery for alpha or edge that you’re looking for.

Modeling Partnership

Data Sourcing

For data owners, data sellers, and investment managers that look to source alternative data, Kavout serves as an independent and unbiased advisor helping you research and source data to meet your objectives.

Kavout has been purchasing and sourcing data since 2015. We have come across good quality data and some bad ones too.

Why reinvent the wheels or step into potholes? Let Kavout pave the way for you.

Modeling Partnership

Customized Modeling

Have your own datasets and need help discovering insights? Leverage Kavout’s tried-and-true AI, ML and deep learning (DL) models and algorithms to mine signals from your own data sets.

You can also develop custom signals by layering your own datasets on top of our K Score .

Custom modeling can also be done for factors, signals, asset class types, and real estate development projects.

Fees for data and analytics services vary depending on data types, quality, sources and volume, as well as the complexity of the analytics and modeling effort.

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