Our Mission

To democratize AI and Machine Learning, empowering institutions and investors with augmented intelligence to generate alpha, manage wealth and do more with less.

Our Values

Be Passionate

We believe passion is a state of mind. When bringing passion to what we do, it intensifies focus and it drives creativity and innovation.

In Pursuit of Excellence

We are not satisfied with status quo. A question you often hear us say is “how can we make it better”.

Be Data-Driven

We believe that making decisions based on evidence is far more reliable than ones based on instinct, assumptions, or human emotions which can be biased.

Approach Everday With Curiosity

It allows us to be more observant of new ideas, and opens up new possibilities. We believe intellectual curiosity is a key ingredient for thinking differently and solving problems creatively.

Be Collaborative

With shared knowledge, experience and skills, we are able to think more holistically and scale broadly with the support of our employees and our partners.

Be Financially Responsible

By operating responsibly and competitively, we make ourselves a profitable investment, a significant employer, a reliable partner and a good corporate citizen.

Leadership Team

We’ve assembled a world-class data science, engineering, and finance team to research and build our platform. Our team come from backgrounds in AI, machine learning, big data, and quantitative financial analysis, with decades of professional work experience.

Alex Lu

Alex Lu

Founder & CEO

Alex Lu has over 17 years of experience in deep learning, artificial intelligence, and big data technology. Before launching Kavout, Alex served as the CTO at one of China’s largest financial information providers. He also worked as an Engineering Director at Baidu, a VP of Search Technology at SNDA, a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, and a senior engineer at Google. He graduated from Tsinghua University, has a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Isabell Sheang

Isabell Sheang

Chief Commercial Officer

Isabell has over 16 years of cross-functional experience in marketing, channel/partner and business development, as well as product management of B2B and B2C technologies. Prior to joining Kavout, Isabell served as director, VP and senior manager roles at Fortune 100 companies and startups such as Microsoft and Providence Ventures. Most recently, Isabell held leadership positions at marketing agencies Allytics and Satori Digital, helping clients develop go-to-market strategies. Isabell obtained her MBA from the University of Oxford in England, and BA from Northeastern University.

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