Our Mission

To build machine investing solutions to find alpha signals, and uncover dynamic and nonlinear patterns in the financial markets with adaptive learning algorithms.

Our Values

Be Collaborative

With shared knowledge, experience and skills, we are able to think more holistically and scale broadly with the support of our employees and our partners.

In Pursuit of Excellence

We are not satisfied with status quo. A question you often hear us say is “how can we make it better”.

Be Data-Driven

We believe that making decisions based on evidence is far more reliable than ones based on instinct, assumptions, or human emotions which can be biased.

About Kavout

Kavout was created by ex-Googlers and the founding team used to work at Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and financial firms with a proven track record of building many mission-critical machine learning systems where billions of data points were processed in real-time to predict the best outcome for core search ranking, ads monetization, recommendations, and trading platforms.

Our mission is to build machine investing solutions to find alpha with adaptive learning algorithms and to create an edge by assimilating vast quantities of complex data through the latest AI and Machine Learning methods to generate signals to uncover hidden, dynamic, and nonlinear patterns in the financial markets.

Our Backgrounds

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