Big Data Fuels Neural Networks and Deep Learning in all Industries

Mar 15, 2019 | Machine Learning

In this video Alex Lu, CEO of Kavout, discusses the technology trends of the last three to five years. The key marker during this period was how big data was used, and how it was no longer limited to just internet companies. The reality is that you can track big data as far as fifteen years ago, where search engines began gathering information from hundreds of billions of big data.

But big data only started gaining popularity once other industries found ways to effectively apply it to their business. Granted even Facebook and Amazon used big data from day one, but today it has evolved to the point where it had applications across markets such as transportation, supply chain management, weather forecasting and even power supply. The state is able to use the data gathered to find the ideal routing of power across the grid.

Lu talks about how big data today is used in neural networking and deep learning, and how this is possible today not because people have gotten any smarter, but rather because our own technological advancements have finally caught up. We finally have the computational power to turn theory into reality.

He closes by discussing potential new applications big data will have for the modern business world. Today we see deep learning in our automobile technology, playing games, and even outperforming humans for language translation.

In closing, Lu leaves the audience with one important question: do you want to take a job that will no longer exist in 10 years? Or do you want to find a job that will last you at least the next 20-30 years?

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