K Score

Boost your investment confidence with quantamental investing.

Hedge funds, fundamental and quantitative asset management firms have relied on Kavout’s machine learning led stock rating scores for research, forecasting and portfolio design.


Validate Your Stock Picks

Discover stock winners and avoid the losers using AI-powered predictive analytics.


Save Time on Back Testing

6 years of historical data cleaned, structured, analyzed and back tested so you don’t have to.

Save Costs on Analysts

Lean on computers for its strength – reading financial data with greater speed and more objectivity.

The K Score Approach

K Score is a product of Kai, our intelligence platform. On any given day, Kai processes vast and diverse information including fundamentals, technical indicators, and alternative data sets such as sentiment, combined with predictive models and methods such as classification, regression, and deep learning to produce a rating to rank stocks.

Quantamental Strategy

Quantamental Strategy

Pairing fundamental research with data-driven quantitative analysis, K Score takes into consideration factor models including, but not limited to quality, value, growth and momentum. Using statistical analysis and ranking algorithms with the application of machine learning, we deliver an easy-to-understand and actionable 1-to-9 equity rating score.

Vast and Diverse Data Sets and Factors

Vast and Diverse Data Sets and Factors

Kai takes in more than 200 factors and signals including company fundamentals, a broad set of technical factors such as MACD, RSI, price patterns, and alternative data such as sentiment for its analysis. Data is structured with entity extraction and links into features and indexes suitable for modeling and analysis.

Beyond Traditional Financial Analysis

Beyond Traditional Financial Analysis

K Score is a result of synthesizing voluminous and complex signals every day at scale and applying deep learning methods to capture nonlinear insights and correlations. No human trader could match Kai in terms of speed and scale with advanced algorithms.

How to Use K Score

Add K Score to Your Existing Forecasting Model

Validate your buy, hold or sell research.

Buy stocks with high K Scores (9) and sell stocks with low K Scores (1).

Used by hedge funds, quant funds, and active investment managers.

Incorporate K Score to Optimize your Portfolio

The graph below shows how portfolios constructed with high and low K Scores performed against S&P 500, back tested from 2012 to 2015, with out-of-sample results since 2016.

Used by asset managers, wealth advisors and risk mitigation teams.

Portfolios Constructed with K Score – US Equities

Portfolios Constructed with K Score – US Equities

*Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

K Scores can be delivered daily via FTP, API or any format that works best with your data pipeline.

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Customers can choose one or many options from a series of K Score products.

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