Technical Trading Signals

AI-powered chart patterns and candlestick formations.

Kavout’s Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service solutions can be easily integrated into consumer facing web environment, mobile apps, and professional trading terminals or tools.

Pattern Recognition

On any given day, Kavout’s pattern recognition engine processes enormous amounts of market data, detecting recognizable patterns using deep learning engines such as convolutional neural networks (CNN).

Coupled with our price forecast engine, we enable customers to buy or sell equities with more confidence. Make the right decision at the right time maximizing return and minimizing downside risk.

Forecast Engine

Customers use Kavout’s forecast engine for its real-time short-term predicted distribution of asset prices supported by probability, confidence interval, expectation and more.

Kavout has built an ensemble of models such as Deep Neural Networks, Bayesian Computation that process high dimensional data to dynamically generate predictions for a wide array of asset types such as equities, commodity, indices, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and more.

  • Chart pattern recognition 24×7
  • Save time and money from going to two-years of charting school
  • Up to 6 years of historical patterns
  • Make smart trading decisions with the help of AI


Common Patterns Recognized


Double BottomDouble Top
Head & ShouldersHead & Shoulders Bottom
Symmetry TriangleTriple Bottom
Rising WedgeV Bottom
Cup with Handle
Bear FlagBull Flag
Ascending TriangleDescending Triangle
Triple TopFalling Wedge
V TopRounding Bottom

  • Close to 80+ Candlestick formations
  • Up to 6 years of historical information
  • Customize with filtering criteria
  • 24×7 formation recognition
  • Saves time from research
  • Never miss out on a trade
Expand on each stock to see additional information. Click on a stock symbol will display all historical patterns and formations recognized for this stock.


Common Candlestick Formations Recognized


Abandoned Baby BearishAbandoned Baby Bullish
Below the StomachBelt Hold Bearish
DojiDoji Gapping Down
Doji NorthernDoji Southern
Doji Star CollapsingDownside Gap Three Methods
Engulfing BearishEngulfing Bullish
Gap FallingGap Rising
Hanging ManHarami Bearish
Harami Cross BullishHoming Pigeon
Inverted HammerKicking Bearish
Last Engulfing TopMeeting Lines Bearish
Morning StarOn Neck
Separating Lines BearishSeparating Lines Bullish
Spinning Top BlackSpinning Top White
Three Inside UpThree Line Strike Bearish
Three Outside UpThree White Soldier
ThrustingTweezers Bottom
Two Line Strike BearishTwo Line Strike Bullish
Window FallingWindow Rising
Above the StomachAdvance Block
Belt Hold BullishDark Cloud Cover
Doji Gapping UpDoji Long Legged
Doji Star BearishDoji Star Bullish
Downside Tasuki GapDragonfly Doji
Evening Doji StarEvening Star
Gravestone DojiHammer
Harami BullishHarami Cross Bearish
Identical Three CrowsIn Neck
Kicking BullishLast Engulfing Bottom
Meeting Lines BullishMorning Doji Star
Piercing PatternRising Sun
Shooting Star One CandleShooting Star Two Candle
Three Black CrowsThree Inside Down
Three Line Strike BullishThree Outside Down
Tri Star BearishTri Star Bullish
Tweezers TopTwo Black Gapping Candles
Upside Gap Three MethodsUpside Tasuki Gap

Engagement Model and Pricing

Pricing includes two parts

  • Development (one-time fee), covering product integration, testing, and customer onboarding.
  • A monthly service fee, covering data services, system maintenance, and support. Fees may vary depending on data update frequency.

Volume discount is available for customers who purchase multiple PaaS and SaaS modules.

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