Profitability Trend - US


The profitability trend is available for all the tradable stock equities on the US stock exchanges, including major securities markets such as NYSE, Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrial.

Top 10 Sectors Count Type Start Date
Finance 1126 Equities 2003-01-01
Health Technology 768 Equities 2003-01-01
Technology Services 391 Equities 2003-01-01
Electronic Technology 387 Equities 2003-01-01
Producer Manufacturing 303 Equities 2003-01-01
Consumer Services 280 Equities 2003-01-01
Non-Energy Minerals 237 Equities 2003-01-01
Energy Minerals 223 Equities 2003-01-01
Commercial Services 220 Equities 2003-01-01
Industrial Services 193 Equities 2003-01-01

Delivery & Access

The profitability trend is calculated daily for thousands of stocks.

This data is available via API and CSV download.

Data Example

As a data feed, customers can expect to receive information in the following format.

Profitability Trend - US

Trade Date Symbol Company Name Country Sector Trend Profit
2018-01-31 V Visa Inc. Class A US Finance 0.0067
2018-01-31 JNJ Johnson & Johnson US Health Technology 0.0101
2018-01-31 MSFT Microsoft Corporation US Technology Services 0.0072
2018-01-31 CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc. US Electronic Technology 0.0067
2018-01-31 HON Honeywell International Inc. US Producer Manufacturing 0.0072
2018-01-31 DIS Walt Disney Company US Consumer Services 0.0058
2018-01-31 XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation US Energy Minerals 0.0048
2018-01-31 SPGI S&P Global, Inc. US Commercial Services 0.0139
2018-01-31 ENB Enbridge Inc. CA Industrial Services 0.0021
2018-01-31 LIN Linde plc GB Process Industries 0.0057

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